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Little Tear Drop

Little Tear Drop used to cry so much that one day she ran out of tears. Then she embarks on an adventure in search of her little drops! A sweet fable about the discovery of emotions during childhood. (Just for exhibition)
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Ficha Técnica
ISBN 9 788592 874155
Dimensões 24 x 24 cm
Peso (gramas) 42
Acabamento Brochura
Características Texto em letra bastão

O livro

Little Tear Drop used to cry for any reason, all day long. She cried before going to be and when she woke up. She cried before taking a shower and also not to get out of it. But then she stumbles and...how can she cry? Her tears are dry! Little Tear embarks on an adventure full of phantasy in the middle of nature, where she asks the river, the sea, and clouds for help to get her tears back. But she will learn from nature that emotions can use other languages. And that she can even laugh…until she cries!

Mil Caramiolas

O nome já diz: são mil ideias pulando da cuca e acontecendo!

Mil Caramiolas é muito mais que uma editora. É um verdadeiro ponto de contato com as crianças, porque toca, humaniza, se aproxima dos pequenos.

Brincar aqui é a linguagem da conversa.

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