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The boy and the sea

9 786500 001617
Two children. Two completely different ways of seeing the world. And the sea, which embraces that encounter. (Just for exhibition)
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Ask Miss Owl v. 1

9 788592 874056
How did the giraffe get a long neck? How did the sunset become orangish? Imagine answering those questions with a child’s imagination. (Just for exhibition)
R$ 0,00

Little Tear Drop

9 788592 874155 - Copiar
Little Tear Drop used to cry so much that one day she ran out of tears. Then she embarks on an adventure in search of her little drops! A sweet fable about the discovery of emotions during childhood. (Just for exhibition)
R$ 0,00

Ask Miss Owl V.2

9 788592 874100
How was curly hair created? How did birds learn how to sing? Imagine answering those questions with a child’s imagination!
R$ 0,00

The Runway Bean

9 788592 874162
He is a bean that cannot wait to win children’s love! And one day he has a crazy idea: to get off the stalk and move into a pack of snacks. Could it be that he still doesn’t know how important he is?
R$ 0,00

Who’ll open the mouth?

9 788592 874131
Pumpkin, broccoli, tomato, carrot...Let them introduce themselves and stir our imagination! With rice and beans on a humorous ride, who won’t open their mouth wide?
R$ 0,00

Who’ll open the mouth for fruits?

978 65990 10330 - Copiar
After a successful Volume 1, now it is time for Fruits to come into wide-open mouths! Check the new release that will captivate children with joy an interactivity!
R$ 0,00

The Fabulous Finger Book

9 788592 874148
What does each little animal do when they wake up? In this book, animals come to life as we move our hands to control them! An interactive book that captivates babies and young children.
R$ 0,00

My First School

To make the process of adapting to school easier, this book has found a way to illustrate the presence and absence of parents. With removable parts, slotted in like pieces of a jig-saw puzzle, the little ones learn that mummy and daddy might go away, but they always come back.
R$ 0,00

My Dream, Your Dream

9 788592 874117
Pedrinho and Sara always dream about the same things: a rocket here, a doll there. And one night, while the children are sleeping side by side… Their dreams end up mingled!
R$ 0,00

The Bathtub Invasion

9 788592 874049
Juju is about to take a relaxing bath when, suddenly…she sees an octopus in her bathtub! And on the following days…giraffes, lions, monkeys! What’s going on?
R$ 0,00

The Toothless Tooth Fairy

9 788592 874025
What if the Tooth Fairy herself lost a tooth? What if she went on strike not to keep children’s teeth anymore? Who would replace her?
R$ 0,00

A School On The Moon

9 788592 874124
Imagine studying in a school where everyone is different from you. But not just a little… Strikingly different! Everyone has felt like an outcast at least once in life, right?
R$ 0,00

Wow! Guigui’s g is missing now

9 788592 874018
What if a letter simply vanished from the dictionary? Just imagine... what a mess! A book to entertain those who are learning how to read.
R$ 0,00

The Flower With A Headscarf

9 788592 874070
Little Daisy noticed something strange in her mother. She had withered, her petals wilted! Only love between mother and daughter could help them find a path to a cure.
R$ 0,00

The Yellow Voiced Girl

9 788592 874001 - Copiar
Has your voice ever changed color? Cora’s has! She woke up, said a word and her voice came out yellow!
R$ 0,00

Hey you up there!

9 786599 010323
There’s no way to hide. Life is only complete when we see it as a collective experience. But are we ready to accept every person the way they are?
R$ 0,00

Step aside, Mr. Mountain!

9 786599 010347
A child who wants to give orders to a mountain. A mountain that won't budge. What do they have to learn from this fun meeting?
R$ 0,00
Mil Caramiolas

O nome já diz: são mil ideias pulando da cuca e acontecendo!

Mil Caramiolas é muito mais que uma editora. É um verdadeiro ponto de contato com as crianças, porque toca, humaniza, se aproxima dos pequenos.

Brincar aqui é a linguagem da conversa.

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